Below you can find a overview of our services. Good light starts with a good advice and a light plan that is based on the functions of the room. It does not matter if a room has multiple functions. Modern driver technologies like DALI can set up the light exactly as you need during different times of the day.

Advice about light

Een goed lichtadvies staat aan de basis van een goed verlicht pand.

Good light starts with a good advice

Every room needs its own way of lighting. At IdFrm, we’ve been helping customers build spaces that contain good light for many years. And that starts with a good advice.

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Light plan

In een lichtplan wordt het advies digitaal uitgewerkt in een DIALux ontwerp.

A custom made light plan for your organization

A light plan is a digital elaboration of the light advice. Based on the information we receive while we get to know you and your organization and the information about your building, we create a light plan in DIALux.

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Cost-saving calculation

LED verlichting bespaart in de meeste gevallen veel geld. We berekenen graag wat u kunt besparen door deze overstap.

Saving money and the environment with LED technology

Moving from conventional light sources to LED light saves a lot of money in most cases. Besides this, the long life span and the low energy use helps improving the environment.

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Program light with DALI

Met DALI kan de verlichting in uw ruimte gemakkelijk aangestuurd worden door middel van een digitaal bedieningspaneel.

One light solution for every scenario

Many rooms are used in more than one way. Most functions need their own way of lighting. With the help of DALI, you only need one light solution for all these functions.

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Supporting designers

IdFrm helpt designers graag met het creëren van een LED module die past bij hun ontwerp.

Collaborating for a unique design with LED

LED is a very flexible lighting solution. This allows it to be used in more designs than conventional light sources. IdFrm likes to help designers with their work, allowing them to use the best possible LED module in their work.

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