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IdFrm designs and produces LED fixtures from the Netherlands for the business market

The importance of good light

Light has a large influence on our lives and performance. Imagine the difference in how you feel and see the world on a sunny July afternoon and a groggy gray December morning. A vivid example like this illustrates the effect light has on human beings. Indoors, we use artificial light to illuminate the room. But more often than not, we don’t think about the kind of light we use explicitly. And that’s a shame. Because a room that has the right lighting is able to influence us positively. It allows us to be more productive and feel better. We are able to concentrate better and make less mistakes.

Besides the influence op our emotional state and energy, the light we use in a room also influences the atmosphere and color in the room. Light can make a room cozy or cold and make colors brighter or dull.

At IdFrm, we love to share your knowledge about good light

IdFrm and her employees have a lot of experience in the world of lighting and we are able to supply the correct light for every room in every building. When doing this, we combine the demands of our customers, the way the rooms are used, the total costs and the environment.

Do you want to know more? You can read a lot about good light on our website or you could contact us directly. We would love to share our passion about good light.

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Benefits of LED light

At IdFrm, we only work with LED light. Making the decision to move to LED light only has benefits.

endless light

Endless light is the light magazine from IdFrm with impressions of some of our most recent projects

Theater De Harmonie - Leeuwarden

Theater De Harmonie Leeuwarden is verlicht door IdFrm LED Verlichting

In a dynamic environment like the one in “Theater de Harmonie” in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, the atmosphere and emotion of a room is very important. And because light plays a large role in the atmosphere of a room, the client was looking for a partner that could handle these intricacies during the renovation.

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NHL University of Applied Sciences - Leeuwarden

De NHL Hogeschool in Leeuawrden is verlicht door IdFrm LED Verlichting

Good light gives energy and can improve our concentration. That’s why the right light is very important for educational institutions like the NHL University of Applied Sciences Leeuwarden. Different lecture halls and study rooms have been lighted with the modern LED fixtures and driver technology from IdFrm.

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De Ikker - Burgum

De Ikker in Burgum is verlicht door IdFrm LED Verlichting

In the Frisian village of Burgum, every citizen knows the Ikker. For years, it has been the place where the local church services are held on Sunday. It is also an important meeting place for the people in the area. With the help of the LED light of IdFrm, the room got a more modern and multi-functional character.

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