The Ikker in Burgum, the Netherlands

Posted on February 1st 2018 by Vincent Adema

The round LED fixtures have been developed just for this project.

Fitting light for every type of gathering

In the Frisian village of Burgum, every citizen knows the Ikker. For many years, the church services have been held here. But the Ikker also functions as a meeting place for other events in the municipality.

The time came to make the rooms in the building more modern and multifunctional. A feeling that fits the current time and the many ways the Ikker is used. IdFrm was asked to make a light plan for this special project.

Based on our light plan, the changes have been implemented fast. The Ikker installed different LED fixtures from IdFrm. The large hall makes use of our Grammi inlay fixtures. The special round LED fixtures that are installed in this room have been developed just for this project in collaboration with the client. In the other rooms the Ikker uses the Downlighter.

Together, we went from Idea to Form with the Ikker.

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