At Infession, the customer is pulled in to the store through the light

In September 2015, InFession opened her doors in the most beautiful shopping district of the Netherlands, the “Kleine Kerkstraat” the Leeuwarden.

Sustainability center of ROC Friese Poort

The combination of theory and practice in education serves as a source of inspiration and knowledge of the technically schooled people of the next generation.

100% LED in the Princenhofschool Leeuwarden

The learning performance of children in school is very important. In classrooms with enough and high quality light, the children are calmer and are able to concentrate for longer periods of time. Besides that, they have more energy throughout the day with the help of good light. This is of even greater importance during the winter months, where the days are shorter.

Housing association Parteon Wormerveer

In this monumental building, an old cacao factory, the light technology used it the LED technology of IdFrm. Elina suspending luminaries are used in the offices, giving both direct and indirect light. The wall luminaries on the columns are reengineered from gas discharge technique towards LED.

Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden (University of Applied Sciences Leeuwarden)

When there are complaints about light, it is important to listen to these complaints. This is especially true in production environments, where safety is even more important than productivity in normal work environments. At the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwraden (NHL), they have listened to the teachers and students. The old T5 fluorescence luminaries their light output was too low and there were a lot of shadows in the work environment. In a production environment, with many high-tech machines for metallurgy, this is not a safe way to work.