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Light plan IF you want good light

The positive effects of good light are still unknown for many.

Good light is at the core of a pleasant and healthy workplace or place of living. In achieving this goal, it is important to create a light plan, IdFrm is able to create a light plan, consisting of a functional light design, which is supplemented with decorative ambient and accent light when necessary.

We only use sustainable light solutions, solutions that make use high quality LED technology. Because of this, the energy consumption will be minimal, while the life span of the LED is maximized.

The light plans are, when necessary, supplemented by light technical calculations in DIALux.

Saving energy

LED light can create large energy savings in a lot of applications. To achieve this, it is important to use high quality LED sources.

IdFrm follows the latest developments in the area of LED closely. Besides that, we work with our own Research and Development towards improving LED technology and the application of this technology. We also work together with our suppliers, our customers and knowledge-institutions about the development of the technology and products that contain LED technology.

IdFrm light luminaires are produced with the help of the highest quality LED technology available. The Lumen / Watt ratio in LED technology is ever improving, making the energy savings even bigger. When using the latest and best technology available, these savings are achieved without sacrificing light quality. However, with lower quality LED, this sacrifice in light quality is often the case.

Because high quality LED lowers the energy-, service- and maintenance costs of your light consumption, the Total Cost of Ownership is lowered significantly (compared to traditional light sources). Because of this, investing in good light can bring a positive return in a short period of time. With other words, the net present value is positive when using a runtime of 2 to 5 years (where the amount of years depends on the amount of use each day, the cost price of energy, the service and maintenance costs and the discount rate used).

Whether you are constructing a new building or improving an old building, IdFrm is able to create a light plan, supplemented with a savings calculation. With the help of this, it is easy to see how interesting an investment in a sustainable light solution is for you.

IdFrm as advisor

If you are looking for a technical light consultant, then IdFrm is the partner you are looking for. We offer a broad collection of services to help you and your company ahead. A few examples of the services we offer: