About us

IdFrm is an independent consultancy firm in sustainable lighting advice

IdFrm develops and produces high-quality luminaires with LED-technology. Besides this, IdFrm is active as a consultant in sustainable lighting advice. IdFrm has a strong and unmatched knowledge about technical innovation, reliability and sustainability.

We have achieved this by focusing our core competency, research and development (R&D) in the area of LED-technology. Through this work, LED light receives more and more applications in the lighting sector.

Sustainability and energy-saving actions are of ever increasing importance and play an increasing role in our society. IdFrm has a lot of specialized knowledge, built by years of experience in the areas of technology, sustainability and light-technical applications.

The basis is your own inspiration. With this as the blueprint, IdFrm is able to brainstorm with you about the next steps in the completion of your project.